Sharp A3 Mono Photocopiers

Sharp boast a variety of A3 Black & White multifunction devices of varying models and speeds, each expandable with hardware and software addons so your device can be customised to suit the unique requirements of every office.
Please view the product brochures for full list of features and specifications. Images may be showing optional addon hardware.

  • MX-M654/754N - 65/75ppm - Mid to High Level Open or Close


    The high-performing MX-M654/754N boasts everything needed to bring exceptional document workflow, brilliant image quality, and intuitive ease of use to even the busiest workplace. Built for reliable, energy-efficient operation, this versatile solution also offers meet-your-needs expandability. In fact, the MX-M654/754N partners easily with a range of convenient finishing and feature options in flexible document system configurations that can boost efficiency and grow in sync with your business. There’s simply no better solution for streamlining business.

    At 65/75 pages per minute print speed, and high scan speed, it is suitable for most medium to large offices.

    BROCHURE MXM654_754N_Product_Brochure.pdf
  • MX-M266/316NV - 26/36ppm - Entry Level Open or Close


    This series delivers the ideal balance of high performance and exceptional ease of use.

    Four-in-one function and an array of user-friendly features make this B/W MFD a practical and productive addition to small or medium-size offices, where it can boost efficiency as the central document solution, and to larger workplaces, where it can quickly handle the diverse document demands of small workgroups.

    At 26 / 36 pages per minute print speed, it is suitable for most small offices.

    BROCHURE MXM266NV_366NV_Brochure.pdf
  • AR6023DV - 23ppm - Entry Level Open or Close

    Whether you’re printing, copying, or scanning, the AR6023DV makes document management easy for everyone in the office. Core document functions are complemented by a range of useful advanced functions. And if the needs of your growing enterprise evolve, rest assured the AR6023DV is ready to grow with you. Optional hardware and software upgrades let you add useful extra functions to your office setup. It all comes together in one compact, productivity-boosting package.

    At 23 pages per minute print speed, it is suitable for most small offices.

    BROCHURE AR6023DV_Product_Brochure.pdf

Mono CR4 Models

These user-friendly designed multifunction devices - with new Easy UI mode— a wide variety of users can access their advanced functions easily and intuitively. Adding one of these high performers to your talent pool is a great way to make your business grow. Each of these models use the same toners, bring ease of function when streamlining more than one MFD in your office.

The entry level Sharp CR4 models are expandable so you can decide what features below you need, where as the mid to high range come packed full of standard features. Speak to your local Sharp Dealer today to find out the right model for your business.
Please view the product brochures for full list of features and specifications. Images may be showing optional addon hardware.

  • MX-M3070/4070/5070/6070 - 30/40/50/60ppm - ** VERY POPULAR ** Open or Close


    Shift your enterprise up a gear with this forward-thinking MXM range. This standout black-and-white MFD series boasts the same design concept, user-friendly UI, and advanced functions that you see on Sharp’s latest colour MFDs. It’s packed with carefully considered features to help you create, manage and share documents.

    Whether as a central standalone machine or as part of an MFD network, these machines accelerate the document workflow of your office.

    At 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 pages per minute print speed, and high scan speed, it is suitable for most small to medium offices.

    BROCHURE MXM3070_4070_5070_6070_Product_Brochure.pdf

CR4 Features

Link to Cloud

Public Cloud and Mobile Printing

These MFDs enable single sign-on for easy access to public cloud services such as Google Drive™, OneDrive®, and SharePoint® Online. They also support various mobile printing services* such as Google Cloud Print™ and the Android™ printing framework.


Scan via OCR

Convert Documents via OCR

OCR capability lets you convert editable Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, or Excel® This means you can do speedy text searches, even with large-volume documents, and you can easily copy and paste text data into other applications.

Easy User Interface

Easy User Interface

The intuitive Easy UI mode makes it easy for anyone to use the MFD’s advanced functions. In this mode, simple function icons are displayed on the 10.1-inch colour LCD touchscreen. Each user can customise the home screen by drag-and-dropping icons.

Secure Printing

Secure Access Control

The series supports the Active Directory® service*, which lets you use the machine’s log-on credentials for internal network folders. System administrators can easily keep track of user credentials, which makes for an efficient and highly secure operational environment. And with single sign-on, you can access internal network folders by simply logging into the MFD—there’s no need to re-enter your IDs and passwords.


Copier Device Management

Integrated Device Management

As a system administrator, you can get the most out of a Sharp document system by using Sharp's efficiency-boosting device management tools. From a single location, you can use Sharp Remote Device Manager* (SRDM) to manage multiple Sharp MFDs. This includes everything from system setup, user access, and security settings to troubleshooting and maintenance. It’s quick. It’s effective.


Copier LCD Touchscreen

10.1" Colour LCD Touchscreen

A user-friendly touchscreen interface incorporating a new Easy UI mode makes it easy and intuitive to operate the MFD. The Advanced Preview function, meanwhile, lets you check document finishes and page layout in advance, edit pages easily, and preview documents in various modes.

Copier Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

A built-in motion sensor detects your approach to the MFD and wakes it from Sleep mode. The control panel lights up and the machine finishes warming up as you enter your desired copy or scan settings. Then, with a minimum of waiting, you simply push the Start button to get the job underway.


Easy Sharp Printer Driver

Easy Setup New Printer Driver

The printer driver setup window features an improved design that includes larger buttons and drop-down menus, making it easier than ever to use printer functions.


Easy USB Printing

Easy Print/Scan with USB

Insert a USB drive into the MFD and a print/scan command screen will automatically pop up on the LCD. Right away you can print files from the USB drive - which are displayed as thumbnails-or you can scan documents directly to the USB drive.


LED Lights

Status Lamps

Next to the control panel are two LED lamps: one red, one green. These light up to notify you—even from a distance—of the status of the machine.

Dynamic Touchscreen

Control Panel

The control panel can be tilted freely at various angles for easy viewing and easy operation, even from a wheelchair. Having the control panel at the perfect viewing angle means you can reduce eye strain and avoid making input errors.

Remote Operation*

The Remote Operation function lets you display the MFD’s main control panel on the screen of your PC or mobile device. From a remote location, you can then check MFD settings or reprint data stored on the MFD. This function also enables the administrator to guide an MFD user through necessary procedures and allows remote MFD operation from a wheelchair.