The Sharp Huddle Board PN-40TC1

Posted by Melissa

Don't let your eyes fool you, it's not just a TV- the Sharp Huddle Board (PN-40TC1) is a sleek 40 inch touchscreen device designed for the collaborative small meeting environment.

Sharp has focused on constantly improving and pushing the boundaries to minimise screen glare and fingerprints, this tech in incorporated on the Huddle Board along with ultra smooth capacitive touch technology. You don't need to purchase other devices to run, it is a stand alone device that is designed for ease of use and user reviews (1) (2) PCWorld - have pointed out the particular ease of navigation and touch. To get more info on the Sharp Huddle Board, contact your closest Sharp Dealer.

Sharp Assist Bot

Posted by Melissa

Sharp Assist Bot (Name pending) - Imagine having a large conference meeting & this device records & recognises everyone via audio visual (360° camera). Transcribing every word & who said it, combined with video recognition that recognises presenters and their correlating files-  Andy/Industry Analysts, Inc. describes these features well in his short video below the cut, from Pulse 2017.  Exciting tech coming from Sharp!

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