How to Choose the Right Photocopier

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Photocopiers have a diverse range of options and features which can at first be intimidating when locating a perfect model for your business. There are a few basic questions to narrow down the type of photocopier you require, if your needs are advanced or you want to leave it up to the experts, give us a call and we can sort you out! Otherwise, as an introduction- start by answering the following:


  • Colour or black and white only?
  • Do you want a printer or the ability to photocopy/scan?
  • Will you need to print up to A3 (double the size of A4)?
  • Will you need MAC computers to be connected?

If you're unsure of the speed you want or need, the best way to choose the right machine speed for your business is to have an accurate record of the quantity of prints you are doing per month/week/day. The easiest way to do this is to acquire meter readings of the current machine(s) in your office set up, and divide those numbers respectively. This way we can choose appropriately for the quantity of prints, and therefore get an indication of speed necessity.


Combined with the above answers and your personal preference, we are able to source a variety of refurbished photocopiers at your request.


Will you need a fax?

Finisher for machine stapling?

Booklet making?

Extra capacity paper trays?


Okay, so you know what kind of machine(s) you want, now what are your options?

Outright purchase

The machine is yours, consumable purchases and repairs (excluding warranty work, if applicable) will have to be purchased as required.

Photocopier Lease agreement

A pay per month agreement, customised to your requirements. Consumable purchases and repairs (excluding warranty work, if applicable) will have to be purchased as required.

Lease + Pay per Copy Service Agreement

A pay per month agreement, customised to your requirements. A very popular option due to the financial burden of purchasing pricey toners is lifted. All consumables* and service are included in this arrangement, settled on a price per copy agreement. At the end of the agreement, you have options to trade in the machine to upgrade and continue on with a new agreement.
This is the most popular and beneficial way to incorporate machines into your business, as you are not stuck with an outdated machine in 5 years time, and you don't have to purchase consumables (drums, toners, etc) as it is all included.
*All consumables, excludes machine staples.


It's best to speak to one of our account managers, who with their extensive product knowledge can explain the best options available to you. Some of these could include:

Printing Control

There's are a few different ways to control your business printing, for example to cut down on colour printing you could implement a PIN REQUIRED for colour printing. There are also available software's to go even more in-depth to allocate staff members with printing allowances.

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